A Dragon’s Lust

| November 19, 2017


What if dragons and shifters were real, and myths were so much more than tall tales passed down throughout the ages for man’s entertainment?

“Myths are narrative patterns that give significance to our existence.” – Rollo May

Lust– or better said, a dragon-shifter’s lust- would inevitably be Aryan Gallick’s downfall unless he finds his mate, but time is running out and settling for less than a worthy sifter like himself is hardly an option. Spending his days taking his frustrations out in the MMA ring, this shifter lives for the moment. But with each passing day, his dragon is growing stronger, threating to take over and expose the Adeunians existence to mankind, a kind of shifter-nature that should not be disclosed to anyone. But this is all about to change…

When he has a chance of meeting with a desperate waitress, he sees a fire in her soul that attracts him more than any woman. There’s only one problem, she’s an average nobody with no goal and no direction, not worthy of a mighty Adeunians beautiful dragon, a shifter with no equal.

Alison Parker came to Vegas hoping to start a new life, and somehow make enough money for her to do something extraordinary. But after an altercation at work cost her, her job the gears of destiny slowly starts to grind into motion. There’s that beautiful stranger she can’t seem to stay away from. His scent lures her in like a moth to the flame and fighting off the attraction is almost impossible. What makes matters worse, he’s her ex-boss’ brother. He’s rich, he’s arrogant, and she simply isn’t his type.

When Aryan Gallick starts showing up at the most unexpected times Alison can’t help but fall head first and unknowingly, into the dragon’s lair with her heart, mind, body, and soul.

(“A Dragon’s Pride” is the first book of a debut series from writer Joy Loveleen, a profound lover of fantasy, dragons and shifters stories. This book is a new addition to the great tradition of other successful authors, such as Terry Bolryder, T. S. Joyce, Harmony Raines, among some others.)

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