Poetry: A book of poems

| November 20, 2017


Life I have discovered is a lot like good poetry, some of the time things rhyme, make sense, and come together. Then there are the times when seemingly nothing rhymes, nothing comes together, and nothing makes sense.
In my life time I have been fortunate to travel many diverse paths commencing at the age of fourteen when I ran away from home and was promptly returned by the Houston Police Department to my, not so happy father. I got lost and could not find my way out of the city. However; the next night I made my exodus with the assistance of a map, and the journey began as did the contents of this writing.
Life deals us all a lot of hands, some winning and some destined to doom and loss. We share experiences, tragedies, good times and bad. We spend our times on the summits basting ourselves in the sweetness of success and victory, and we spend our fair share of misery in the darkened depths of the valleys where we are humbled, introduced to faith and something greater than ourselves.
These humble writings are the history and foot prints of my journey thus far. I trust as you read them, you will find a tear, a smile, a joy and cause you to reflect of your journey and all the goodness life presents.

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