Sara Flutterbye and the Spooky Woods

| November 29, 2017

Sara Flutterbye and the Spooky Woods Book Cover

In this beautifully illustrated book, Professor Sara Flutterbye is excited to be visiting the little town of Baraboo from the Big City. She explains to her waitress at Birdie’s Cafe that she’s planning to camp in the Spooky Woods while she looks for the elusive giant butterflies rumored to live there. Abby, her waitress, tells her that no one stays overnight in those woods because people who do never return. Sara assures her that she’s a seasoned camper and not to worry. Lucky for Sara, Abby does worry. She shares her concerns with her best friend, Leisha, and the two decide to keep a close eye on their visitor. Thanks to their special friend, Tanager, they soon find out that Sara is in big trouble. Can Abby, Leisha, and Tanager rescue Sara in time? Will Sara find the mysterious giant butterflies?

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