Howls of Love

| November 21, 2017


Kate has grown to hate her life. Dangers that are a given in her line of work, unstable pay and no time to relax. Besides that, her lovelife has dried up and her job gets in the way of socializing with anyone whom she would even consider dating. So, it’s time for a complete change. She intends to do one last job and then leave the city for ever. Did I mention that she was a professional burglar?
Her last job turns out to be a lot more dangerous than she thought as she gets the hunch that something out of a fairytale is chasing her – a shifter. She returns to her hometown for a new start, but soon enough discovers that nothing is the way she remembered.
What’s even more troubling, and delightful at the same time, is that someone from her past makes a reappearance and makes her heart beat even faster than it did the first time around. But nothing is ever that simple, especially with the past always trying to catch up.

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