Author interview with Jordan Petrarca of ‘Blood and Roses’

Author Interview with Jordan Petrarca

“Blood and Roses” is a fantasy novel that takes place in the world of Exodus, where seven organized crime families rule the world with the use of their mysterious magical artifacts, called Relics. The focus of the story is on the most powerful of the families, the Rose Family.



What challenges will the powerful Rose family face within the pages of ‘Blood and Roses’? To share a taste of the Rose family’s world, I’ve been joined by author Jordan Petrarca. Jordan, what inspired your desire to explore the combination of blood and roses in this novel?

I came up with the idea after seeing a trailer for a popular video game, even though the game has nothing in common with the plot of my story.



Okay, so the trailer kicked off some ideas of questions in your head, rather than providing you with a plot basis to work from. How did those ideas in your head evolve into a plot? Was the ending one of the ideas that popped into your head or did it appear later in the writing process?           

Most of the time I have a general idea of what’s going to happen in the end, but the evolvement of the story toward the end always changes.



What was that general idea that you wanted to share with your readers through the evolution of this story in particular?

I wanted to combine my two favorite genres, fantasy and organized crime.



Generally, you don’t see much of a combination of these two genres, but I love the challenge you set for yourself taking them on! What do you love most about writing that draws you back to set these challenges for yourself?           

I love to create a world and a story based in that world, and I love for other people to enjoy my creations.



Is sharing your creations where you found rewards with ‘Blood and Roses’?

The fact that I started it before my twin girls were born and finished it six months after their birth.



Congratulations on your arrivals! With this book being written around the same time as such an important event in your life you’ve done well to keep enough focus on your book to finish it. What did you keep in your mind to get it finished at this time?  

My family.



I’m sure they’re never too far from your thoughts. But have your thoughts turned your writing hand to another book?

Yes, “Blood and Roses Part II”.



With twins I’m sure you don’t have too much time to write so I won’t take up too much more of your valuable writing time today, but I hope that you would be able to share your most tantalizing temptation of ‘Blood and Roses’ to push all of those readers who are sitting on the fence regarding buying your book and towards Amazon. What can you tempt us with?

Secrecy silenced by bloodshed.



Well, I hope the secrecy isn’t silenced forever. Jordan, thanks for sharing ‘Blood and Roses’ and I wish you the best of luck bringing the sequel to readers.

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Blood and Roses ( ASIN: B072XVQN8K )‘.

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