The Saints of David

| November 22, 2017


In this fast-paced, psychological thriller, the final entry in Anthony Caplan’s best-selling Jonah Trilogy, Corrag and Ben, the brave yet doomed lovers of The Victor’s Heritage, are reunited. But now humanity faces a crisis — the last of the free brained creative folk against the enslaved people of the Augment and their elite Republican Homeland overlords.
It is 2072, and falling creative information flows in the Augment system mean there is little time to reach full power status and launch the planetary cover before the incoming Oort Cloud asteroids destroy civilization. Corrag and Ben make a run for freedom with their daughter Hera to find David’s Tower, an alternative society built on the democratic power of individual stories. At the same time, pushed by haunting dreams of a break in the arrow of time that occurred at the end of Savior, Corrag’s father Ricky sets out to find his father’s book that he is sure will answer the deep-seated root of humanity’s evil. These are just a few of the individuals on a quest, drawn to the utopian world of the Tower, built by the man known to his followers as the Saint. David Shavelson, a former owner of a Brooklyn bookstore, is a charismatic visionary leading a community in resistance against the mental enslavement of the Augment system. The Augment leaders know they must crush the Tower or lose control of their destiny. The battle lines are drawn. Will the Augment crush David’s Tower and save itself from the Incoming asteroid disaster? Who will survive this final, apocalyptic war? Will Corrag and her family ever reach salvation and peace? Will Ricky find his father’s book and save mankind from itself? Find out all the answers in the thrilling roller-coaster finale that is The Saints of David.

The Saints of David, the final book in the Jonah Trilogy series, is recommended for new and prior fans alike, who will find this wrap-up volume a powerful conclusion to Anthony Caplan’s thriller/sci-fi tale.

Old connections are revitalized against the backdrop of disaster in this 2072 story of strange romances, half-humanoids, free thinkers and slaves, and the unAugmented people living outside the new norm who may prove the last bastions of true humanity.

As the neural network that was the hallmark of civilization begins to fall apart, all sides receive new information about collective processes, choice, freedom, and questionable moral and ethical results. While some seek to disrupt the established rules, the administrators of the old order attempt to hold it all together.

Brooklyn-born David is a secretive Saint whose motives are in question. He has a city, the City of David. He has devoted followers. Nobody can touch him. David harvests the “untold stories” of the poor, and his narratives provide them an unusual and powerful voice in a new world order which has long ignored them. This process will ultimately redirect evolution itself.

Those who would attempt to understand David’s new world often find themselves questioning their own humanity and society’s newfound structures.

How does a world-changing Saint emerge from the bowels of a Brooklyn bookstore? And how do individual quests with singular purposes coalesce to enter David’s utopian world?

Blend an apocalyptic battle with an incoming asteroid and stir up action with moral, ethical and social inspections for an engrossing and satisfyingly engaging read.

Readers new to this world, as well as those who have imbibed of the previous Jonah Trilogy titles, will all find The Saints of David packed with a flavor of doom and hope that makes it hard to put down and an exquisitely compelling story that leads readers to question many beliefs before they are through.”

Diane Donovan — San Francisco Relocated

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