Author interview with Frank Marcopolos of ‘Eagles and Hawks and Also People As Well’

Author Interview with Frank Marcopolos

College baseball star Enzo Prinziatta’s life is on track for greatness — a promising career, an attractive girlfriend carrying his baby, and endorsements lined up for miles. But when a long-held secret is revealed about his idolized, late father — shaking the very foundation of his faith — how will Enzo prevent his life from going completely off the rails?



Will Enzo faith be shaken? Will he be able to keep his life on the right track? Frank Marcopolos, author of ‘Eagles and Hawks and Also People As Well’ has set aside only a few minutes to chat with me about Enzo’s journey. Frank, since we only have a short time to talk let’s get down to business. What inspired you to write a novel about a college baseball star?

I started thinking about the twilight of my own college baseball career, and things just sort of took off from there. “The Load-Out” by Jackson Browne was also an inspiration.



So you’ve taken advantage of your own time on the baseball field and used it to build this tale?

Yes, the setting comes from my own experiences as a college athlete in upstate New York.



What was the central idea that you wanted to draw from your own baseball career, and what you’ve learned about life since then that you wanted to highlight in your novel?

I wanted to explore the gravity of environments, and why people behave in certain situations the way that they do.



How do you get your mind in the right space to explore things like how people behave in different environments when you write?

I write every day, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. I am a big believer in discipline.



Ten minutes a day is such a small investment, but it can pay dividends. Where do you personally feel you have found rewards from your daily deposit of discipline?

Writing for me is always rewarding, and this effort was no different.



Frank, thank you so much for sharing a taste of the rewards you’ve found through your writing efforts, and I hope readers take up the opportunity to explore love and life in the view of the baseball diamond in ‘Eagles and Hawks and Also People As Well’.


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