Stones In My Shoe: Ten Twisted Tales!

| November 23, 2017


A couple of Rookie Paranormal investigators bite off more than they can chew.
An Assassin take a late-night trip to the Woods.
Two Fugitive Drug Dealers make a bad career decision.
A Captive endures a Terrifying Interrogation.
A Budding Tattooist enacts a Terrible Revenge.
Is all what it seems? In this Tale of a stranded Motorist.
The Korean War, a Roy Rogers wristwatch, and a Gang of Bullies, feature in this tale set in 1960s America.
A Traveller, in London for the day, has an embarrassing experience.
An unusual take on “The Afterlife”
A WW2 evacuee has a Strange Encounter, that haunts him for years.

These are the diverse plot-lines in this first collection of “Twisted Tales”, from London based Robert Charles Hines.


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