The Last Goddess (The Shattered Messiah Trilogy)

| August 5, 2013


The Last Goddess (The Shattered Messiah Trilogy)

“The Last Goddess is a very exciting, smoothly written adventure that will stay in my collection to be re-read someday, which is not something I offer to many novels.”
–Doubleshot Reviews

“I have never come across such a perfectly hidden and brilliantly effected (plot) twist.”
–CS Fantasy Reviews

When a man discovers the body of the long-lost Messiah, he fears her very presence might incite a holy war. When she wakes up, he is certain of it…

Nathan Rook never had much use for faith. As a soldier in the last war, he witnessed first-hand the devastation wrought by the ageless religious schism so deeply dividing his country. But when he discovers an ancient coffin and finds a living, breathing woman inside, he believes he may have stumbled across the greatest discovery in history – or the greatest hoax. From her ceremonial dress to her elaborate tattoos, the mysterious woman is the perfect incarnation of the Messiah, and she wields a power that defies the very laws of magic. There’s just one problem: she doesn’t remember anything, not even her own name.

As he strives to restore her memory, Rook realizes it might not matter if she is the genuine Messiah or not. Once word of her discovery gets out, every faction in the city will seek to claim her legendary power as their own. Together they struggle to evade a mad prince, a renegade general, and a power-hungry senator, but Rook has yet to confront the biggest problem of all: he is falling in love with her.

Join in the epic fantasy adventure praised for its gripping action, seamless world-building, and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. The Shattered Messiah Trilogy begins with THE LAST GODDESS (145,000 words).
The adventure continues with THE LAST EMPRESS and concludes with THE LAST SACRIFICE, both available now!

Want all three books at once? The Complete Shattered Messiah Trilogy is now available! Save 33% by purchasing the series as a single e-book for .99.


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