HABEAS PORPOISE (Solomon vs. Lord)

| August 5, 2013


HABEAS PORPOISE (Solomon vs. Lord)

“A quick and tightly crafted caper with endearing wit and memorable characters.”
–Publishers Weekly

Victoria Lord…for the prosecution.
Steve Solomon…for the defense.
And an ecoterrorist charged with murder.

The love-hate relationship of Solomon & Lord continues. Sure, opposites attract, but they argue, too!

This time, it all starts with the kidnaping of a pair of trained dolphins from Miami’s Cetacean Park. When one of the ecoterrorists behind the raid turns up dead, his partner in eco-crime is charged with homicide, even though he didn’t pull the trigger. It’s called “felony murder,” and Solomon thinks it’s a bum rap. What he doesn’t count on is his lover and law partner Victoria Lord being named a special prosecutor.

Conflicts-of-interest abound, and Steve is up to his old tricks. At least, the mismatched legal duo agree on something…each one vows to win the case!


“Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord are smart and funny and sexy in a way that Hollywood movies were before comedies became crass and teen-oriented.”
–Connecticut Post

“A ‘Moonlighting’ crime novel. Great fun.”
–Lansing State Journal

“‘Habeas Porpoise’ keeps Levine’s string of hits intact. It would be a just and wonderful thing if this fine series could continue for a long time.”

“A great, fast-paced novel. If you like a little humor thrown into your legal thrillers, this one’s for you.”

“With Jimmy Buffet playing in the background, lying in a hammock with a cold margarita, stretch out and relax with this laugh-inducing series.”


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