Have It All 1: The Law of Harmony. The Secret Gateway to Everything You Ever Wanted. (Kingdom of Blessings)

| August 5, 2013


Have It All 1: The Law of Harmony. The Secret Gateway to Everything You Ever Wanted. (Kingdom of Blessings)

Scot Conway is very familiar with The Secret. With it, Rhonda Byrne made the Law of Attraction famous – but she by no means had the first book to talk about it. Conway himself first learned of the Law of Attraction as the unnamed, unspoken law hinted at in every chapter of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Hill was not the first one to talk about it, either.

Dr. Conway has read a great many works from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries talking about The Law of Attraction. Conway also saw in all of these a fundamental law he first learned as a child studying martial arts: The Law of Harmony.

“The Law of Harmony is the gateway through which all who truly succeed must pass. Everyone who has succeeded with the Law of Attraction passed through the gate, knowing or not, and found their blessings waiting for them on the other side. “

If you’re one of the millions who have seen or read The Secret, this book is your missing piece. If the Law of Attraction seems to have mixed or no results for you, here is exactly what you need. You only have part of the story. The Law of Harmony is what you need.The Law of Harmony is actually bigger than The Law of Attraction. In fact, The Law of Attraction is wholly contained within The Law of Harmony. If you fully use the Law of Harmony, you are also using the Law of Attraction.If you attempt to use the Law of Attraction without the Law of Harmony, it will not work for you. This has been the unfortunate experience of millions of readers of The Secret. For all the power of that lesson, they are missing some key elements. It’s a short book. It was never intended as the ultimate and final textbook on manifesting all things in life.

The examples of those who have succeeded with the Law of Harmony are legion. Just as Napoleon Hill discovered, many did not name or necessarily understand the Law they used – they just used it. Those who have found incredible success with the Law of Attraction succeed because they are living the Law of Harmony. That’s why the Law of Attraction SEEMS so random. It is because the Law of Attraction works when it is the missing piece.

The Law of Harmony works every time. Every time. When you see it for yourself, it will be such a simple, profound, suddenly obvious truth that you may wonder “Why isn’t THIS what everyone talks about?” Soon, you will be. Soon, you will unlock the gate and be able to share the secret, and people will marvel at how something could be in plain sight all along, and yet remain invisible to so many.

Dr. Scot Conway, is the Master of the Guardian Quest Martial Arts. He holds the highest rank allowed in his style for a person his age. He is an attorney, licensed real estate broker, author, pastor, counselor, coach and more. He has appeared in uncounted magazines, taught at world conventions, produced programs, written books and articles… He certainly knows how to get things done! Now he is here to share with you.

Before The Secret (DVD and book), it was rare to find someone who knew anything about the Law of Attraction. Right now, it is now rare to find those who understand The Law of Harmony. You have now found The Secret Book: How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted in Life through the Law of Harmony.  You are part of the new revolution of insight!

The Secret Book 2 goes into even more detail for specific method to get in harmony with your dreams. Start here. Then go there. You will be amazed at what you learn.

There is an ancient saying: “When the student is ready, the master will appear.”

You’re here now. You must be ready.

It’s your move. Make it. Make it now.


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