Fire Halo

| November 25, 2017


A world filled with gangsters, ghosts and supernatural beings with wings of fire and light, Fire Halo is an action packed fantasy ride. The central character is Rosalie, a baby who is snatched from her mother and is sent crashing to Earth. Descending in a ball of flame she is saved by Gordon and Mary. One evening collecting firewood with her father Rosalie falls from a tree. Before she injures herself wings of flame come to her rescue. From then on she is persecuted by humans and is hunted by Barthamus, a being with wings of light. Escaping to New York she becomes good friends with her adoptive cousin Robert. To battle the growing threat of Barthamus Rosalie, Robert and a new friend Reginald are sent on a multi-world training mission. Hoping to gain the skills to thwart Barthamus’ desire to eradicate her and her people.

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