The Adventure of the Heir : Money and the Throne

| November 26, 2017


There lived a King in the ancient Egypt, he was very jovial and loved by all the people because of his kindness. There was peace in the land and everyone was happy. King Ayam had two sons who were equally hardworking and loved like their father, their names were Prince Teram and Prince Haddy.

One day , King Ayam woke up and he could no longer walk because he had gotten too old . So he decided that one of his two sons , one of them had to man up and take the crown and be named king . So King Ayam sent his two sons on a journey , and they had to travel for 5 years around the world to learn how to make money , how to invest , and how to save it . He told them that whoever came back after 5 years richer than the other one , was the one who was going to be the next king .

This children’s book full of lessons is an excellent pick for kids from the ages of 12-15 years of age because it teaches them some really great lessons of what to do with their money and how to earn it . How to work hard to achieve your goals the right way . It also gives them a feel for what happens to you if you go about reaching your goals the wrong way and the consequences of your actions.

I highly recommend this book for those parents who are trying to set an example for their kids and guide them in the right path . This book is also for those kids soon to be adults on how to get ahead start on everyone else and stay focus . Go after your dreams and achieve them . This book really supports that way of thinking .

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