Fall of Zona Nox: Book One of the Warpmancer Series

| November 27, 2017


Zona Nox faces annihilation…

Life on the frontier of human space is tough. Life in Galis City, capital of Zona Nox, is tougher. For James, it’s just life.

James is one of the many gangsters who fight over the seas of shanties that dominate Zona Nox. He’s a master thief. One of the best. In this city of gangsters, James is a legend. But legends can fade.

Xank, a mysterious alien empire, have invaded Zona Nox. Troopers, Zona Nox’s self-styled protectors, can’t stop the invaders. The gangs of Galis are too busy fighting to realise their days are numbered.

In the fires of war, James could disappear into the mass graves, forgotten. Or, he could become greater than even before.

Zona Nox faces annihilation. Will a criminal be able to save it?


Fall of Zona Nox is the first instalment of the immersive Warpmancer Universe. If you like action-packed, detailed science fiction set in a creative futuristic setting, then you will love Fall of Zona Nox. Pick up a copy today!


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