Coconut Oil: 100 Most Crucial Questions Answered

| August 5, 2013


Coconut Oil: 100 Most Crucial Questions Answered


Dear Reader,
How many times have you said to yourself: I am going to start using coconut oil! Is lack of knowledge holding you back? Imagine having a guide that answers all your questions about coconut oil.

Introducing “Coconut Oil: 100 Most Crucial Questions Answered”

This book was written because people have lots of questions about coconut oil that have never been answered in a concise yet informative way. There are many books on Amazon that briefly inform you of coconut oil’s benefits but do not give you answers that you expect.
Not anymore!
What questions are answered in this book?
• General ones about use of coconut oil, its benefits and disadvantages;
• Weight loss queries;
• Incorporating coconut oil in to your diet;
• Coconut oil skin and hair care;
• Questions about health benefits of coconut oil;
• Coconut oil detox queries;

If you ever find yourself asking basic questions about coconut oil, this book is for you!
On the other hand, if your queries are less common, you will find the answer in here as well.
Some of these questions are:
• How do I get coconut oil out of my clothes?
• What should I do if I applied too much coconut oil to my hair?
• Can I carry coconut oil onto a plane?
• Can I bleach my hair after using coconut oil?
• Can coconut oil clog my bathtub?
• How long should I keep coconut oil?

These and other doubts are resolved in this book.

Can you think of any reason not to get this fact-filled guide? Buying this book is a winning decision! See for yourself!

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