Military Writers Guide

| November 29, 2017


This book is about making money from your writing. It covers old school stuff through modern advances in the writing world. The section and example on legal/ethical opinions can keep you out of hot water with your chain-of-command (note the key word “can” – you can still get in trouble regardless of whether you buy this book or not). With information on the very quick Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) process (a small chart displays easy how-to, and there is a new KDP paper book publishing process – not CreateSpace), why some novels never get finished, the key to successful blogging, traditional freelance writing how-to, selling Fiverr gigs, writing jobs that may be found at LinkedIn via reverse-resume search, user-generated content like Google Forms, YouTube videos actually go viral, information products that can be sold at Amazon – and a whole lot more. We think pen names are a funny topic, and provide solutions for interruptions, completion tricks, the real-deal on author websites, and last but definitely not least – a few words that can confirm that concentrating on only one writing area works very well. Think “gunpowder family,” “ketchup family,” or “MS-DOS family.” No, really.

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