Metaphysical Dance With Life: Adopting The Law Of Attraction As A Lifestyle

| November 29, 2017


Metaphysical Dance With Life is a comprehensive 217 page guide that will allow you to have as much health, love and money as you want and need.

I’m sometimes asked, how does one make the quest for prosperity a lifestyle? In my experience, people want what they want quickly and go about materializing their desires often in ways that work against them. What I mean is they identify with one or two of the “ingredients” necessary for manifesting and leave critical tasks undone. This almost always leads to disappointment.

Living the Law Of Attraction as a lifestyle forces us to address everything going on in our lives and successfully deal with particular issues. Only then can we begin the work of manifesting. So many LOA gurus suggest one should place their attention on their desires and then believe the things they want are on the way. What they leave out is the state of mind required to elevate a person’s vibration and how critical it is to the formula. Anyone neglecting this vital step is facing disappointment.

Consider this: Eventually, without fail, you will receive what you’ve placed the majority of your attention upon, whether you want it or not and you’ll continue to receive it until you change your focus of attention.

I struggled with this for years as I received a lot of what I didn’t want. I was naïve enough to ignore something that had been kicking my butt for years. That was chronic complaining, criticism and negative self talk. Here’s the thing. One has to elevate his/her vibration to attract the things he wants. But if a large part of your focus is on negativity, it’s virtually impossible manifest your desires. It doesn’t have to be complaining. Anything that leaves you out of sorts will lower your vibration and keep your desires at bay.

I was on the LOA merry-go-round for years before figuring this out. I would occasionally manifest something decent but wasn’t able to continue to do so because of the chronic negativity.

So what’s the answer? That’s where we look at the lifestyle component. We LOA folks talk a lot about vibration but that’s just a synonym for feeling good. So the question becomes, what do you need to do to consistently feel good? That’s where we have to devote some effort to the process.

In Metaphysical Dance With Life you’ll find a sequential order to the “adjustments” you’ll need to make in order to elevate your vibration. Here’s a partial list:

Avoiding conflict of all types
Methods of “repairing” your vibration
A simple question you ask yourself that keeps you in balance
Tips on attracting serenity or avoiding meaningless conflict
The power of release, surrender and flow
The proper use of willpower (this one is super important)
Setting things straight with internal “programming” and reprogramming
The metaphysics of luck
Avoiding emotion sickness
The metaphysics of money
Tapping your inner resources of imagination, belief and personal success
The metaphysics of great health
The power of prayer & meditation
The power of vibrational unity
Finding Your Calling

This is only a small sampling of what you’ll find in Metaphysical Dance With Life. And rather than deliver the information in a formal, impersonal step-by-step technical manner, I’ve chosen instead to offer a large portion of the book with illustrative vignettes and stories that illustrate the points. This makes the material compelling as the learning is easily retained in the story format.

For years I was hot and cold with LOA. I had several short term profitable experiences but they eventually fell apart. I feel silly admitting why this kept happening. It wasn’t until I stepped back and saw the whole picture that I was able to make the adjustments I needed. And since then, life has been awesome. I wish I’d had a book like this one back when I started.

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