Lady with Steel Eggs 12 Strategies for Starting a Successful Business: Start and Raise Your Business. Playbook for Businesswoman. The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for New Entrepreneur

| November 30, 2017


Lady with Steel Eggs – your own guide to starting and rising in the business world!

This book has been written to shatter the myth; to prove that you are the B-O-S-S, the female B-O-S-S!

This book has been created to take you on the journey of business success from inception. We’ve not only shown you how to create your business, but how to ensure that it succeeds in the long-term.

Useful tips and case studies are presented that can help you reap great success. Each step of creating a business is explained in ways that are simple to understand.

We want this book to be your guide for entrepreneurial success!!!

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