Character Design For Complete Beginners: Master the art of character drawing and design for comics, games and animated films

| November 30, 2017


Character Design For Complete Beginners will help you develop skill and techniques needed to design and draw interesting and appealing looking characters, similar to the way it is done for comics, games and animation films. You will start off by learning the basics of human anatomy and realistic human proportions. You will then learn how to convert that boring realistic human into something more interesting and appealing that could be used in a movie pipeline.

With 8 chapters and 150+ pages, this book wastes no time getting straight into teaching you the core concepts and skills needed to create awesome looking characters. You will find this book easy to read with minimal jargon as everything will be explained in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. You will get the most out of this book, if you follow the exercises throughout the book. Furthermore, this book is loaded with tips and tricks which I’ve personally discovered in my own journey and of which you would rarely find in other books.

By the end of this book, you will have gained skills and techniques needed to draw awesome looking eye-catching characters. These skills will be useful and can help provide a headstart if you plan to become a character designer one day.

Specifically, this book will cover:
– Realistic human anatomy and proportions.
– Designing different character styles.
– The steps to designing realistic and appealing looking characters.
– Exercises to help you gradually create your own character.
– 4 follow-along projects where you see the author create 4 different characters.

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