Strawman Made Steel

| August 6, 2013


Strawman Made Steel

Janus McIlwraith knows New York City. From the grimy basement bars where the underclass mutter and curse to the gleaming penthouse apartments where the elite plot and control, he’s seen it all, and he’s never been happy about it. He’s a private investigator who works the city the old fashioned way. No internet. No databases. No smartphones.

Not that he has a choice in the matter.

Because Janus knows two New York Cities. There’s the one with Facebook, The Tonight Show and iPods. And there’s the one he enters through the mirror, the one with genetic supermen, skyscraper canons, and a certain subatomic particle that’s misbehaving…

And when McIlwraith takes on the case of the rich boy whose brutalized corpse is found in a dumpster, he little realizes how deep the case will cut―right to his very core, to the place where, like this city, his own soul is split in two.


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