The Girl: Who Forgot the Butterflies

| December 2, 2017


At twenty-one, Travis had his life all planned out. Within the year he would graduate from college, find a decent job, marry his high school sweetheart and then start the family he had always wanted.
But, unfortunately for Travis, Marilyn had other plans which no longer included him.
Unceremoniously dumped, he resolves to win her back. But as he struggles to come to terms with his pain he keeps running into Emma, a smiling redhead who goes out of her way to befriend him.
Annoyed by her cheerful personality, when he is in such misery, Travis nevertheless finds himself in her company more and more. And as their friendship grows into something unexpected, he realizes that she has just as much hurt in her life as he does.
As a romance begins to blossom, a chance meeting with Marilyn proves to Travis that he still has some way to go and that he is a long way from being over her.
Now, he has a choice to make. Will Travis choose the quirky Emma, who seems to be the right tonic for his shattered heart? Or will his preconceived notion of the life he thought he wanted, throw him right back into the arms of the woman who had hurt him so badly?


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