Divine Beings: The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals

| December 3, 2017


Walk with the Animals and Talk with the Animals…
ONE OF THE FINEST SPIRITUAL SCIENTISTS exploring our world today takes us on a dramatic, inspiring, revelatory journey into the inner world of animals.
Dr. Cara Gubbins searched for years for a modern-day King Solomon’s Ring – a tool to help her talk to animals in their own language. An unexpected intuitive conversation with a Chihuahua revealed that she already had the “ring” inside her.
As she seeks answers to compelling questions about the spiritual framework of our world and the bonds between humans and animals, Dr. Gubbins captures the personalities and experiences of animals so vividly that she transports the reader deep inside the animal kingdom. You will swim with gray whales along the California coastline, stalk prey in the backyard wilderness with a house cat, and fly with bats at dusk. The beauty and magic of each animal is revealed through scientific, mythical and intuitive lenses – combining to create a rich tapestry that celebrates the majesty and diversity of life, and the unique place each soul has within it.
If you’ve ever dreamed of walking with animals, talking to animals, or even being an animal, this book is for you!


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