Songs of the Deliverer: A Modern Day Story of Christ

| December 3, 2017


Can one man save the world?

An entertaining and enlightening novel about faith

A baby lies with his mother in a manger, destined to be the savior. But he is crucified on the cross and dies unknown. Two thousand years later, a man enters the void of a godless era to deliver salvation to the world. He has no money, owns no possessions, carries no title, and asks for nothing in return for his wondrous deeds. He vows a singular outcome to those who believe: eternity in heaven. For that, he is judged by the authorities to be a menace and a fraud. His sentence is persecution. Yet he does not appeal their unjust verdict nor submit to their extortion. Instead, he offers his life in ransom to liberate his believers. In the end, his words and his works are sent to die along with him. Then the Deliverer does something that forever changes the world.

“Songs of the Deliverer” is a re-imagining of the stories of the Bible written for all readers, including teens and young adults. The supplement at the end includes 40 reflections to reinforce the Gospel stories featured in the book. The novel and the reflections provide a perfect way for young people to learn about Christ and the faith to which we are called.

??? Unique way to learn about Christianity

??? Thoughtful gift for your teens

Read the story of faith re-imagined

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