In A Father’s Arms

| December 4, 2017


We all know that babies arrive on their own schedule, and Abbie’s labor was no different. Still, hours around the clock someone was always there for her.

Now faced with a life on her own with a brand new baby to care for and rent to pay, the girl who once had everything provided for her is learning the hard lessons that come with life’s choices, but also the joys.

What had she done? She used to be the ‘Preacher’s daughter’, and accomplished Barista. Now she was a new mother suffering from no sleep, reduced to eating soup from a can, and learning some difficult facts about adulthood.

Abbie loved her baby, only wishing and praying she could give her more. She didn’t realize that she was never really alone.

Get to know the people who cared about them, helped them, and stood by them through good and bad.

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