The Darkslayer: Wrath of the Royals (Book 1 of 6): A Sword and Sorcery Series

| December 5, 2017


A Volatile And Savage World

The all-powerful immortal being, Trinos, created the world of Bish for her amusement. There an eternal war rages between good and evil under the gaze of the bored goddess.

??? A Champion For Good

The warrior Venir, the Darkslayer, armed with the mantle of power, his helm, war axe, and his shield, must defend what is good from those who would destroy it. But now a sinister threat looms on the horizon that even the Darkslayer may be helpless to oppose. A second immortal has entered the great game and this new god will not rest until evil reigns supreme for all time.

Darkslayer is an epic sword and sorcery adventure set in an ingeniously imagined world where bored immortals play with the lives and fates of the unsuspecting beings inhabiting it.

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