Henrietta Jones: Murder at the Moulin de la Galette

| December 7, 2017

Henrietta Jones: Murder at the Moulin de la Galette Book Cover

Henrietta Jones, or Harry, is outrageous and scheming, and charms everyone she meets, as she turns the world all around into chaos in 1870s Paris.

After infuriating her friend Joules, she runs off to fight on the barricades in 1871 Paris, and when that doesn’t work turns to crime.

She sets up as a swindler in the London docks. When Joules finds her her she locks him in a cellar, before escaping back to romantic Paris where she plans a festivale to save the historic Moulin de la Galettte from being flattened by a cement factory.

Mayhem ensues, pulling in Fuickwit, the underhand Ministre, an assassin known as the Cockroach, and the president of France. She infuriates Disraeli, advises Renoir and Zola, and inspires Charles Worth the founder of Haute Couture to create a devastating new dress.

Everyone is thoroughly managed by Henrietta or ‘Harry’ as she is known, with help from the long-suffering Joules, the wicked and sexy, pixie-like Apoline, and the man-hating Miss Mactavish.

The bodies pile up, as she intimidates a series of unfortunate criminals and manages the biggest festivale Montmartre had seen in years. Along the way she gives Paris back its smile, saves Europe from global conflict, and buys the Suez Canal!

Joules desperately tries to protect her, even though he hates the dreadful girl.

Harry could almost fall in love with the stupid idiot if he wasn’t so slow. Finally she is forced to kidnap him. …

One thing is certain. Nobody emerges unscathed from Henrietta Jones

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