How To Sell Fiction On Kindle. Marketing Your Ebook In Amazon’s Ecosystem: A Guide For Kindle Publishing Authors.

| August 7, 2013


How To Sell Fiction On Kindle. Marketing Your Ebook In Amazon's Ecosystem: A Guide For Kindle Publishing Authors.

The Keyword Phrases In This Book Will Rank You Higher Than Best Selling Fiction Authors Like Barry Eisler.

I’m going to show you examples, rock solid proof, that unknown authors used the keyword phrases in this book to rank higher than superstar authors like J.A. Konrath or Barry Eisler.

This Book Marketing Guide Answers The Most Critical Question You Face As A Fiction Writer:
What keyword phrases should I use for my novel? I’m not going to show you how to find them. I’m going to tell you what they are. This Kindle selling book is quite literally an encyclopedia of keyword phrases that buyers type into Amazon’s search engine when they try to find books in your genre. It’s your biggest challenge answered: Discoverability.

Writing a Young Adult novel? Click on the “Young Adult” link in this Kindle selling book and it’ll take you to a list of keyword phrases people use to find YA books.

Writing a thriller? A romance? Same thing. My team of researchers pulled the keyword phrases directly out of Amazon’s “Leading Indicators.” Special Bonus! They include Amazon’s “Relative Importance” ranking, which shows you which keyword phrases are more likely to lead to a sale. Get excited! This is your ticket to huge sales!

Inside This Kindle Publishing Guide You Will Find The Most Effective Keyword Phrases For Books In:

• Romance
– Christian
– Contemporary
– Fantasy & Futuristic
– Historical Romance
– Paranormal
– Romantic Suspense
– Time Travel
– Vampires
– Westerns

• Fantasy
– Alternative History
– Contemporary
– Dark Fantasy
– Epic
– Historical
– Paranormal
– Urban

• Mystery & Thrillers
– Crime
– Mystery
– Police Procedurals
– Thrillers

• Horror
– Dark Fantasies
– Occult
– Ghosts

• And…
– Science Fiction
– Action Adventure
– Contemporary Fiction
– Erotica
– Literary Fiction
– Historical Fiction
– Christian Fiction
– Gay & Lesbian
– Medical
– Men’s Adventure
– Sea Adventures
– Sports
– War

How To Sell More Books On Amazon, Part Two.

Every book buyer goes through nine decision points on their way to a purchase. Will they click on your cover? Read your book description? Click on “Look Inside? Wince at your price? Read your reviews? I’m going to show you how you can influence each of the nine decision points so they result in a sale. This includes how to:

• Come up with clever, must-click titles.
• Create mesmerizing covers.
• Write a book description that ignites click lust.
• Use HTML to format your book description.
• Use the “look inside!” Feature to clinch the sale.
• Set the right price for your book.
• Get reviews that jump-starts sales.

About Michael Alvear
When I published my first books on Kindle, I’d check my anemic sales and let out a string of cuss words that made my dog blush. Then I developed my Attract•Engage•Convert strategy and sales took off.

As word got out that I sold over 100,000 ebooks, authors and publishers flocked to me for advice, attracted to the methodical ways I turned guerilla marketing tactics into stellar revenue. These strategies work for me, they work for my clients, and they will work for you. Believe in your books. Nobody believed in mine and now I make a great living as a writer. You can too by following my formula.

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