The Dravidian: God’s Own Tribe (The Legal Thrillers Book 4)

| December 8, 2017


From a renowned IP Attorney, Professor and Author comes a fast paced legal thriller!

The Dravidian tribe in the Western Ghats holds the key to ancient knowledge capable of redefining the fundamentals of modern medicine. When an army of Bio Pirates descend on them, the warrior tribe is faced with an adversary that must be taken down at all costs to avoid complete destruction. The last weapon in the Dravidian arsenal is Arjun Mamidi, a young, blind lawyer.

Can Arjun save the Dravidians and their invaluable knowledge from impending doom? Or will the knowledge and the men guarding it be lost forever?

About the Author- Dr. Kalyan C Kankanala

Dr. Kalyan is a renowned IP attorney, professor and author from Bangalore, India. He works with BananaIP (BIP) Counsels, a leading IP firm in the country. He also teaches at premier institutions such as IIMB, NLSIU and IIMS.

***Select Reviews of The Dravidian

“In line with the previous Arjun Chronicles, The Dravidian is a fast paced legal IP thriller that is sure to leave its readers asking for more. The story begins with the all too familiar scene of the Lankan Warfield, where a fatally wounded Laxman lies in a pool of blood, fighting what seems like an inevitable end. Ram, the elder brother, on the other hand sees hope in Hanuman and his superhuman abilities to find a cure that can heal and restore Laxman’s fast fading pulse. When the Dravidians help bring back Laxman from the brink of certain death, Lord Ram makes a promise that will ensure the survival of the tribe for centuries to come and sanctify the Dravidian tribe as being ‘God’s own’.
The plot of ‘The Dravidian’ is well chalked and complete with intricate details that writers often tend to miss or overlook. The narration transports you deep into the jungles of the Western Ghats in one instance and right into the midst of the Court room arguments in the next with absolute ease.”
– The Indian Jurist.
“Reading, like writing, is an art and this art is only capable of serving its purpose when the reader gets to immerse themselves in the pages of the books. Paragraphs aren’t a bunch of words cluttered together and words are not mere letters trying to balance themselves on the armature of language. Dr Kalyan.C.Kankanala’s The Dravidian: God’s Own Tribe belongs to that category of wonderful books that leaves a bittersweet aftertaste.
What makes the book interesting apart from the nail-biting plot line and the characters with all their quirks and eccentricities is undoubtedly the impeccable language. The luminous descriptions transport us to Arjun’s world and the ongoing battle. The Indianness which creeps into the language is intentional and absolutely necessary. A literary enthusiast feels as if they are taken to the land of Swift with the skirmishes between the ancient and the modern.
– Pavana, Independent Book Reviewer.

“The author, Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, has taken his experiences as an IP attorney and used it to bring about this legal thriller between the ancient generous ways of the tribe and the modern money-minded pharma companies. His main character, a lawyer for the underdogs, Arjun, is a brilliant, young and blind, yet he does not allow this disability to erode his work, in fact, he uses it to his advantage at some points in the book. Arjun is accompanied by his wife Shreya, an intelligent researcher, paralegal, his assistant Jose and his dog Neo. I loved the camaraderie between these three; they provide relief when the court scenes become tensed. …”
– Dr. Shalini Gopal, Independent Book Reviewer.

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