Long Time Dying 1-3

| December 8, 2017


Would you risk it all to help a friend?

Their friend was a cop.

But friends don’t always tell the truth…

Private investigators Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley are hired by Detective Inspector Rowntree to track down his runaway brother.
But Dan believes Rowntree has something to hide.

The case instantly goes wrong.

Roberts and Bradley are trapped.
Snared in a murky sex crime syndicate which taints everyone it touches.

Temptation is deadly business.
And right now business is good…

Is the case real?
Or is it a trap?
And if it is… how will they ever get out alive?

Join the adventure. Grab your copy of this hot boxed set now!

Interview with Solomon Carter, author of Long Time Dying

Q. Who would you recommend reads the Long Time Dying boxed set?
A. Everybody! But seriously… if you love mystery thrillers with strong female characters and snappy dialogue, you’re bound to love Long Time Dying. Lots of people do. The series has fans all over the world, the strongest fan base being in the UK. How else would I describe it? Long Time Dying is jam-packed with tension. It’s an action packed story. It has hints of humour, and plenty of romantic suspense and there’s plenty of murder mystery. If readers like those things then this series is definitely for them.

Q. The people who read your books – do you know what else they like reading?
A. As a matter of fact, yes. I’ve run surveys on my Facebook page and found that many of my readers like Lee Child and Jack Reacher, Robert Crais, Michael Connelly, Mark Dawson and others. I also think readers who enjoy Ian Rankin, and Mark Billingham would also enjoy my books, as there is a similar vein of dark humour among all the grit.

Q. Have you got any other words for readers?
A. Always. This series contains romantic suspense, wry observations and has a pace like a jackhammer on amphetamines. I loved writing these characters and they’ve got plenty of mileage in them yet. So far, I’ve written thirty novel length stories about these two and more is to come in 2018.

Q. Last question. Imagine you were classifying these stories-
A. Like a librarian or something?
Q. Something like that. How would you classify them?
A. Okay. I’m there. I’d say the books in this set are private investigator mysteries, they hard boiled, full of grit, part romance in places, and they are action and adventure stories too. They are very modern but I think they contain elements in common with classic pulp thrillers, and they are British mysteries. The locations are British, centring around London and the surrounding counties including Essex and Kent. But the writing style, tone and dialogue is very transatlantic.

Q. Would you like to add anything else?
A. Yes. This book contains a seriously dramatic cliff hanger at the end of book three. But that cliff hanger kick starts a tremendously exciting series. A definite epic. I hope you really enjoy it. Many people do.

Q. Solomon Carter, thank you.
A. You’re very welcome.


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