Dinosaurs: Dinosaur facts for kids. Interesting info and amazing pictures! (Learn about animals)

| August 7, 2013


Dinosaurs: Dinosaur facts for kids. Interesting info and amazing pictures! (Learn about animals)

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wanted to introduce your child to the wonderful world of dinosaurs?

You’ve seen the characters on TV and the inaccurate dinosaurs for kids they put in magazines. Now it’s time to show them what they were really like with this handy non-fiction book entitled “Dinosaurs: Dinosaur facts for kids. Interesting info and amazing pictures!”.

It shows you the true faces of famous predators and prey like the T-Rex, stegosaurus, and sauropod.

It takes information from the latest scientific knowledge and combines it with the realistic minds and bodies of these vicious creatures. Introduce your child to a whole new world with this wonderful little book.

It doesn’t just speak to your child. It encourages them to think. We chart the progress of dinosaur history, through the way we discovered it, through research and the earliest fossils. It’s no conventional dinosaurs picture book. This is a real scientific account of dinosaurs communicated in a way children can understand.

It’s impossible to tell them everything in a single book. The world of 230 million years ago is a world we still don’t know everything about. It’s vast and rich in ecology. It’s why this book acts as the starting point. Your offspring will be clamouring for more when they learn about the intriguing lives of dinosaurs.

They’ll follow in the claw prints of both herbivore and carnivore and know what it was like to live in the eat or be eaten world which so ended with a devastating asteroid crash which changed the very face of the planet forever and signalled the arrival of Homo sapiens; us.

Let them understand where they came from and what the world was like before iPods and the X-Factor by purchasing them this factual account of the dinosaurs today.

This book will help you and your child learn about:

What is the job of a paleontologists.
When Did Dinosaurs Live on Earth?
What Do We Know About Dinosaurs?
Cool Dinosaur Facts :The oldest fossil
Why Did the Dinosaurs Die?
The first dinosaur
The largest dinosaur
The tallest dinosaur
The smallest dinosaur
Different shapes and sizes of dinosaurs
The most intelligent dinosaur
The longest name

This children’s book is s available at low prices and we’re confident you’ll find it a worthwhile addition to your child’s bookshelf.

Yours Sincerely,

Kelly Morris


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