Rosie on the Run: (A Children’s Animal and Action Adventure Series) (Tails From Clowder Cottage Book 1)

| December 9, 2017


Book One in the Tails From Clowder Cottage Series (A Children’s Animal and Action Adventure Series)

When Rosie is abandoned by her owner, her once comfortable life becomes a life on the run. Her first adventure nearly gets her run over by a truck, but that’s only the beginning of what she encounters while out in search of her family.
From near misses by cars on the road to perceived sightings of her owners to ducking and dodging a dog catcher, Rosie’s life quickly becomes near impossible to keep up with. As her search continues, she finds herself facing an unending stream of danger.
When her quest lands her in a local park filled with children, she thinks she’s finally safe, but the dog catcher is hot on her trail. It’s not long before she’s thrown into the animal shelter and her dream of finding those who left her is lost. That is until Ellie Rowntree walks in and offers her a loving home, where she’ll have plenty of feline company.


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