Mail Order Bride: Married to the Christmas Scrooge: Clean and Wholesome Western Historical Romance (The McGee Brides Series Book 2)

| December 9, 2017


This is a Clean Mail Order Bride Historical Western Romance by your favorite best selling author Faith Johnson.

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Desperate to escape her abusive, slave-owning father, Gina Roan finds herself in New York City, alone and with no one to trust. So when the rather dubious Mr. Jones offers her a ticket as a mail order bride with the McGee agency, she reluctantly agrees. At least heading West will take her far away from her father’s agents, who seem set on bringing her back to the plantation.

Though Gina is ready for a new life, she cannot escape her past. Her intended, Tristan Spark, seems a kind and gentle man, but Gina is afraid to tell him the truth of her escape. And so their growing love is stifled by the weight of her lies. It is only after Gina finds herself in grave danger that she appreciates the depths of her husband’s love, and the power of compassion.


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