Bittersweet Memories: A Novel

| December 9, 2017


What if you could push rewind to relive any memory from your past as vividly and accurately as the day it happened?

Which days of your life would you choose to live again?

Anne Weller Barnes craves the close family she sees in her mind’s eye and in the decades-old family movies. But mysterious and shocking circumstances surrounding a long-ago tragedy have created conflict and cut-off in Anne’s actual family.

When her estranged brother dies, he leaves her the Memory Enhancer, which can program her dreams to re-experience old memories as clearly as the day they were made.

Anne plunges into her past, hoping to recapture the family closeness she remembers. But as she finds herself increasingly caught up in bygone days, she discovers powerful forgotten memories and regrets, and faces family members’ anger and distrust. Her anguish builds as she faces her brother’s dying wish that she decide whether to release the Memory Enhancer to the world.

Bittersweet Memories is a moving story that explores yearning for the past, the unreliability of memory, and the powerful impact of family secrets.

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