I Rize

| August 7, 2013


I Rize

From a poetic point of view, Miss Nora’s classroom is my Garden of Eden. Everything is so perfect and peaceful during those fifty minutes that I am in her class each day.

Then the stupid bell has to ring and ruin everything.

That annoying, ringing bell taints my ears from evil lurking the halls. The ringing of the bell tempts me to take one step out for the next class.

And when I do, all hell breaks loose.

When evil walks the halls of Valley High, Adny’s life is put to the ultimate test. Three weeks before senior graduation, she leaves a series of videos behind for her best friend to relive the days leading up to the moment that would impact everyone who crossed her path.

Adny’s family and close friends search within themselves and the outside world for not only who would hurt her, but why.

The search would be one they won’t regret, but one they’d hope to forget.

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