The Duals (An Urban Fantasy Thriller)

| December 11, 2017


“Crossbreed meets The Children of the Gods”
The Duals is a paranormal romance thriller that will appeal to fans of Dannika Dark and I. T. Lucas. Readers who love an action-based urban fantasy with a technogenic twist (think ancient genetically-modified creatures instead of werewolves) will enjoy the story of star-crossed superhuman lovers who have to foil an ancient occult conspiracy.
A young man and woman regain consciousness almost simultaneously in two different neighborhoods of NYC. They can’t remember their own names; they don’t recall anything that happened to them. They’ve no idea why they’re being hunted down by “gorillas”, as the girl nicknamed their mysterious enemies. But both can sense the primal, inhuman force that courses through their veins. The force that unites the two into a single higher being, making them Duals: the prehistoric forerunners of humanity. The powerful entities who are about to transform our planet.

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