| August 8, 2013



By Unknown Means is Miami Vice, Magnum P.I., and James Bond, all rolled into one. It is the action-packed story of U.S. Customs Service Agent Michael Callaway, who loves his job patrolling the waters of South Florida and the Bahamas in a go-fast boat known as Blue Thunder III. On a night of searching for an inbound drug boat, Callaway is involved in a shootout at sea that lands him in big trouble with his boss. Facing termination from the Customs Service, he is lucky enough to come into a large amount of money, so he quits his job, buys an old shrimp boat that has been converted to a yacht, and heads to the Bahamas to fish and chill out. His relaxation is cut short when he goes to a bar in Nassau, and runs into one of the nastiest drug smugglers in the world, Anton Drake. He is surprised that the man is being protected by Carrie Marvin, whom he knew as an undercover DEA agent, and as a lover. Calloway vows to end Drake’s smuggling career, so he can get Carrie away from this monster, and back in his life. To do this, he must discover Drake’s method for smuggling his drugs into the United States, and end it. A method of smuggling that the Customs Service, DEA, and United States Navy haven’t been able to figure out. A method that causes every report investigating Drake’s smuggling operation to end with the words,
“by unknown means.”

“A Thrilling Read!”
—Joan Johnston, New York Times bestselling author


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