Black Book, Volume 1 (Black Book (Volumes))

| August 8, 2013


Black Book, Volume 1 (Black Book (Volumes))

1862. The Old West. The man they call Sheriff Jack is actually an undercover soldier from the future. His mission is simple: Protect at all costs a simple ledger known only as the black book. Jack suddenly finds himself calling on all of his warrior’s training as he comes face to face with a terrible evil that means to stand in his way.

2308. An undisclosed military installation. A faint distress signal from the Old West is the only contact the base has received in over a year from their missing soldier. Jack’s old comrade, the President himself, arrives to personally oversee the retraction.

The President and his security team walk into an elaborate ambush and a ruthless mercenary is sent in to eliminate Jack.

Before he can find a way to warn his old friend, the President must fight for his own survival, with a gun in his hand and his back against the wall.

Now alone and on the run, Jack must escape those that seek to eliminate him, without losing sight of his prey. Humankind’s final mission may depend on the Black Book, but Jack’s personal quarrel lies with the Devil himself.

Volume 1 includes Parts 1, 2 and 3.


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