Highland Escape

| December 16, 2017


Fleeing the English army that murdered her family before her eyes, Anna Braxton rescues two young women, kidnapped by a barbaric Highland clan only to find herself unjustly imprisoned by the clan she aided. Disgusted by her treatment, she counters their belated offer of friendship with anger and distrust. But she does not count on the unexpected effect the laird’s son has on her heart.
Duncan MacGregor does not understand his da’s command to imprison the young woman who saved his sister’s life. He is more than intrigued with Anna’s skill with a bow and sword–in fact, he is fascinated by everything about her, in spite of her lack of feminine wiles. Straightforward and with a deep-seated sense of honor, Anna Braxton disrupts his entire notion of a suitable woman.
Trained as a warrior and unwilling to be any man’s chattel, Anna shuns the idea of marriage–until Duncan coaxes her into a world of acceptance and passion she never knew existed. He wants her as his wife. She will agree, but only on her own terms–conditions Duncan is not sure he can accept.

Do you like a colorful bit of history with your romance? In this first book showcasing strong heroines, travel the Silk Road during the 9th Crusade to find the authenticity for Anna’s skills. Her father, awarded a small barony in the Scottish/English borderlands for valor in a campaign against Tripoli, brings home with him a Chinese body guard who repays the baron’s kindness by teaching his son and daughter a wealth of Far Eastern skills in survival, weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, and healing.

HIGHLAND ESCAPE is an engaging storyline; a fast paced, lively and enjoyable read with an independent, strong willed, inspiring heroine, and a swoon worthy hero who has eyes only for the Lady Braxton. . . . The premise is imaginative; the characters a unique mix of amusing, evil, and tragic; the romance intimate and heartwarming… By Sandy S.TOP 1000 REVIEWER

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