Becoming Who I Am: The Life and Times of Nobody Famous

| December 17, 2017


Geoff Needham was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1947. He never attained fame or fortune and his life story was destined to fade rapidly into unrecorded history. Until he determined that everybody has a story to tell, has knowledge and experiences to impart, has views and opinions, no matter how humble their origins, no matter how elevated their status.

This is a deeply personal, reflective, inspiring, thought-provoking and at times controversial account of his life and times. Along the way he tackles many of the world’s major social and economic issues, encompassing a fascinating mosaic of topics including psychology, politics, religion, history, drama, medicine, science, romance, travel, music…

Join him on his journey of exploration and self-exploration – and see the world from a totally different perspective.

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