I Want Vengeance: Vampire Formula Series Book 0

| December 17, 2017


Jon Harper’s life is a never ending circle of bullying. He is trapped without support from the school or his father. He wants to find an escape. He wants bloody vengeance, but how can he ever defeat the notorious vicious school gang.

Thorn is a lonely sultry vampire who fills her nights feeding and battling her enemies; the vampire hunters and the decaying Turned. One night the rules change, and her life will never be the same. She wants vengeance.

Both the events happen miles apart at the same time but one day it will pull them together.

The first book in a new Vampire Series.

A prequel short story showing events before, “The Birth of Vengeance: Vampire Formula #1.”

The short story is intended as a free introduction to the world of the vampires, supernatural and paranormal that continues in, “The Birth of Vengeance: Vampire Formula #1”, a great vampire book for teens and young adults. A different tale of a vampire romance, the roles reversed.

Grab it as one of your free vampire books


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