Gumpert's Revenge

| December 18, 2017


EUROPE DISCOVERED!! Team America Makes History!
This is how headlines should have read in the year 1970, when the Continent of Europe was discovered officially…not by some self-important explorer by the name of Sir Jonathan Q. Europe…but by an unlikely crew of eight (Team America) brought together by a series of extraordinary circumstances. From the pages of the authentic expedition diary kept by one Team America member, Europe’s discovery is revealed through the eyes of a sixteen-year-old Eagle Scout and his brave companions. From the innocence and integrity of Scouting, to the temptations and challenges of turning adult…an awakening takes place among our select group of explorers to mysteries that often accompany life beyond parental oversight…simultaneous with glimpses into unexpected fascinations of European culture and geography. What’s unique is not so much the actual discovering, but how it came about and eventually was realized. Could all eight Team America members stuff themselves aboard a 1966 cream-colored Volkswagon Camper van for six weeks, while making their way through eight, individually-different, European countries…and survive? Interesting adventures, both physical and psychological, were bound to result. And much like life itself, with an ordinarily joyous beginning and often sad ending, the discovery unfolds with just enough uncertainty to keep everyone on their toes. Accidentally funny, yet unpretentiously heartwarming, Gumpert’s Revenge is a treasure of irony and surprise…aching to be revealed.

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