The 6th Grader Daredevil Detectives (Book 1): Mysterious Noises and the Ghost in the Mist

| December 18, 2017


Carter Williams and Dylan Kyle are two ordinary 12 year olds that have extraordinary adventures! As amateur detectives, the two boys solve mysteries in their own quiet town of East Millersberg, using a combination of wit, determination, and cunning to follow the clues to their answers.

Follow Carter and Dylan as they solve two mysteries in just a few days, testing their abilities as growing detectives. When a strange noise rips through the night air, Carter and Dylan embark on a journey that leads them into unknown realms of contamination, cover up, and a threat to the very town they love.

Later, the two boys are approached by Aubrey, who is afraid for a friend. The two boys must race against the clock to discover what is tormenting a little girl in their neighborhood. Will they find out the source in time? Will they be able to wade through truth, lies, and jokes to discover the truth behind an old wives’ tale in their neighborhood?

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