Shapes & Colors For Children: Including Hexagon Pentagon Octagon

| August 8, 2013


Shapes & Colors For Children: Including Hexagon Pentagon Octagon

This is an educational book for babies, toddlers and very young children. It features 14 different shapes, and 14 different colors. The shapes include not only the basics, but hexagon, pentagon, octagon and a few more advanced ones. There are also some tips to parents at the end for more ideas to reinforce the learning of shapes and colors to children.

I found as a mother, I tended to just teach the basic shapes and colors. I’m not sure why I stopped there, but I assumed that’s what young children learned. When I became a full time nanny, the little boy I cared for loved shapes. He enjoyed every minute of our learning time, so I kept going in the teaching of shapes because he mastered the basic ones quickly.

By 15 months old, he knew ALL the shapes in this book in various mediums. He couldn’t say them mind you, but he could accurately, find them, every time. I believe oval was one of his very first words. I learned a lot from him and how much young children can learn, if we’ll teach it. Don’t be nervous about teaching very young children the more advanced shapes, just make it fun. Make the learning process itself, enjoyable.


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