A Book That Ends With Me

| December 20, 2017


The world is coming to an end. Predictions are sent to every nation in e-mail messages. But this time, instead of fraud or some misinterpretation of ancient history, the events are coming true.

*Revised December 2017*

Stan Powers, an average guy in Florida, finds himself living events predicted in the messages, from a picnic on a planetoid to a baseball game played by Greek gods, and finally to Darkday, where demons go door to door and steal the souls of people whose lives are epic failures. These alternative realities are taking over Stan’s life, and soon will take over the world. Verification is provided by scientists who learn that after each prediction is lived out by Stan and his friends, gravitational time stops in the Solar System. Cults of Earth Enders form across the world, their members willing to kill anyone to save the planet. Stan, who is soon in their sights, must learn if he is just a pawn, a player, or the predictor himself.

Told in an amiable style, this cross-genre novel seamlessly combines urban fantasy, magic realism, and SF. Often humorous, always intelligent, and completely compelling, A Book That Ends With Me is an alternative to common entertainment.

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