Yoga for Kids: Give Your Child a Healthy Life: Mindfulness Therapy (The Yoga Place Book)

| December 20, 2017


“The child’s health is one of the fundamental values of the parents. Yoga for children becomes more and more popular, first of all, because it is not a means of sport. A child will never get hurt if he does all the exercises smoothly, not too fast, according to the recommendations and rules. Moreover, a person practicing yoga brings positive changes not only to his physical body but the mind and soul.”

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One can start practicing yoga at a very early age. At the initial stage, conducting family classes is a good idea – it will be useful both for the kids and their parents. The system of children’s yoga is carefully elaborated; the classes take place in a game manner, so the kids enjoy them. The standard yoga program for children includes exercises for different body parts, mastering the breathing techniques and training games that help children to acquire the skills of healthy communication, observation, and attention.

Yoga exercises, or so-called asanas, contribute to prevent and remove numerous diseases and to keep the body healthy. During the training, particular attention should be paid to the consistency of the set of exercises and correct breathing. Hatha-yoga can reveal the hidden body potential. Yoga will be beneficial for the school children who remain in the sitting position for several hours every day.

First of all, I address my book to parents and kids wishing to understand the Yoga secrets and ready to get mutual understanding and health! So, let’s go!

Here You Will Learn…

  • Why Children Need Yoga?
  • Recommendations on Selecting Your Set (for Parents and Teens)
  • Greeting the Sun! The Surya Namaskar Set
  • Yoga Games for Kids: Developing Imagination, Memory, and Intuition
  • Magic Yoga: The Fairy Set of Exercises
  • Bonus! 12 Meditations in a Game Manner for Children
  • Much, much more! (Complete collection – save $2.99)

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