Cooking With Lovecraft

| December 20, 2017


This book is a collection of short Lovecraftian gastronomical stories. It will tickle your weird bone, but will also give you directions to make real, tested, delicious dishes. Sometimes the recipe is just an excuse for the story, sometimes is the other way around, and ocasionally there won’t be no recipe at all. Most of the stories are tongue-in-cheek, even outright silly, as an affectionate tribute to Lovecraft and the Mythos; but a couple of tales are a bit different. There are bits –large and small– inspired by Frank Belknap Long, Donald Wandrei, Arthur Machen, Robert Bloch, Robert W. Chambers, Clark Ashton Smith, and Douglas Adams.

Table of Contents:

– Acknowledgements
– Does Cooking Belong In Lovecraft?
– Irem Hummus
– Baby Shantak Wings
– Sausage Deep Ones
– Spanakopita
– The Uneatable
– Anziques Kebab
– Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut
– False-Meat Vegan Spaghetti
– Ghoulash
– An Inquiry On The Menu Served At The Palace Of King Nargis-Hei In Sarnath, Upon The Celebration Of The Thousandth Anniversary Of The Destruction Of Ib
– Fried Honey-Garlic Chicken Of Tindalos
– The History of “De Vermicelli Mysteriis”
– Commonplace Cookbook (excerpts)
– The Feastival
– The 419 Eater
– The Horror From The Ice-Cream
– Gulab Jamun
– Poached Pears in Spiced Vinum Sabbati
– The (In)famous Cthulhu Pie
– Alfred Jermyn’s Banana Bread
– Cosmick Fairy Cakes
– Post Cibum

Bon Appetit !

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