| December 21, 2017


Hey! How are you? How has your day been like?

Well, take a moment to stop and think about whether you have made justice to your dreams.
Have you achieved them? What have you done so far with those years of your life? If you were
to look back from now to the year that has passed, would you be able to say you got a quality
kind of life?

Some people would say, well, by the age of twenty-five I should be married. By the age of thirty
I should already be managing my own business. I know you have heard of this so many times.
But is that really our goal? Or is that others’ goal that we force ourselves to achieve just because
we do not have our own idea which way to go?

I hope this book would guide you to think of that part of yourself. Other people could say so
much, but there is only few that would let you be what you are. When you look back at the
images of your life, can you tell you were those persons from those shots? Well, we will see.

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