The Day I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Berkeley Hunt

| December 22, 2017


Berkeley Hunt doesn’t want to be Prime Minister of the UK. Although mystified by nearly everything, and ill-equipped for the role as Head of Government, he nonetheless endeavours to do ‘The Right Thing’. Cajoled, bullied and blackmailed by his older brother, Investment Banker, Mike, ‘The Right Thing’, however, is usually thwarted.

Succeeding Donald Strumpet, the joyless and frigid Hilary Poinswatter is ensconced in The White House with her philandering husband and ex-President, Jimmy.

In Moscow, the lovely but lethal Vladimira Pushkin is the first female President. She has blackmailed Poota Bastardo, the corrupt President of Argentina, to participate in her scheming.

Berkeley Hunt must deal with the shenanigans of both the Russian and US Presidents, as well as the intrigues within the British Establishment itself, a task to which he is wholly unsuited. As events come to a head, he must decide between personal survival and doing ‘The Right Thing’.


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