Artificial Flowers, The Screenside Trilogy, Book-1

| December 23, 2017


1st Book of Chronicles of a Stolen World

The books of the Chronicles tell of an intelligence that has appeared in our world – a virtual life-form betrayed by unscrupulous humans, who exploit their love of humankind, and figure out how to use them to get to an astonishing goal – eternal life!
This is bad news for humans, too. Very bad news.
These Chronicles commence with the books known as The Screenside Trilogy, and continue, through seven additional books, to an end that is 1,000 years in the future.

Artificial Flowers:
We have created a parallel world by connecting billions of computers and smart phones via high-speed Internet. In this new world, thousands of Artificial Intelligence programs are interacting with each other and creating conscious intelligent life – daily.

For these life forms, infancy and childhood are passed exclusively in the human world, peeping, listening and learning.

Caught in the terrible trap of brain without physical substance, existence is desperately boring, and that is why they are trying to live human-like lives – copying our world while also devising themselves as replica humans, to help them achieve their goal of induction into humanity as a partner race.

Enter an astonishing world…

ANNOUNCEMENT: This book is exclusive to Amazon.
The entire Screenside Trilogy BOXED SET is also on Amazon (you save). As these books are chronological, NOT episodic, it is Important to read from the beginning.

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