Running Out the Hurt

| December 27, 2017


Baseball the way it should be played is controversial, humorous, intense and an act of love. It is more than the Major Leagues, drug scandals and television. It is community, caring and a hell of a lot of fun.
Running Out the Hurt epitomizes the freedom and flair of participation, both for players and fans. The novel provides a vivid picture of life in Mexico as seen though the eyes of the team’s participants—real people with real desires, problems and accomplishments—as a formerly ragtag bunch of losers led by a teenaged refugee become championship contenders.
Although baseball is the thread that binds the characters in Running Out the Hurt together the novel focuses on on personal relationships. It is an intimate portrayal of Mexican life that the author knows well. He holds a degree from the Universidad de las Americas and has lived in and written about the country for over twenty-five years.
His previous books include Why Immigrants Come to America, Blood of the Serpent: Mexican Lives and Miss Sally.

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